Spotted Turtle

 Spotted Turtle

Clemmys guttata


  • Family: Common Box Turtle Family

Indentifying a Spotted Turtle:

Look for a turtle in a freshwater pond with either yellow or orange spots on the carapace.  If they are swimming, they can be distinguished from painted turtle by the more irregular splotch of yellow or orange on their neck sticking out of the water instead of the more regular intentional paint like strokes of color on the painted turtles neck.  Their oval carapace does not have ridges (keels).





Male: Concave plastron & longer tail
Female: Flat to convex plastron & shorter tail

This picture shows the plastron of a painted turtle on the left and a spotted turtle on the right.


Orange Spotted Turtle side view 2 Orange Spotted Turtle front 2 Orange Spotted Turtle  swimming 2 Orange Spotted Turtle  swimming Orange Spotted Turtle  basking Orange Spotted Turtle front Orange Spotted Turtle Head Side View Orange Spotted Turtle in canoe Orange Spotted Turtle Carapace Orange Spotted Turtle Shell Orange Spotted Turtle top view Orange Spotted Turtle side view

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  1. Have a few spotted turtles in the pond area in our retirement park in Danville,NH along with some larger turtles but haven’t got a good sighting of them yet but am very interestd in the turtles in our area always on the look out to help them cross the road or whatever I can do to help them.

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