Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Haliaeetus leucocephalus


  • Family: Accipitridae (Hawk and Eagle Family)


  • Wing span: 7’
  • Length: 32”

Identification/ColorationHaliaeetus leucocephalus tail

Bald Eagles are impressively large dark brown birds with a bright yellow downward hooked beak, huge yellow feet with sharp claws, and a white tail that fans out slightly. Adults have a bright white head and neck.  Juveniles have a brown body and lack the white head.

Flight Behavior

Bald Eagles have slow powerful wing flaps with glides in between.


Bald Nests nest on high trees, high tension power line poles, and rarely on cliffs near fresh or salt water habitats. Their large visible nests are made out of sticks. They lay 2-3 large eggs.

Conservation Efforts

The banning of DDT (an insecticide) was essential to their recovery.


Bald Eagles can be found throughout New England and Canada. Most New England Eagles are Canadian residents visiting during winter. Before DDT they use to breed throughout most of North America.

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