Ring necked pheasant

Ring-necked Pheasant

Ring-necked Pheasant

Phasianus colchicus

Ring necked pheasant Ring-necked Pheasant Pheasant in snow Winter Bird Sightings


  • Family: Partridge Family

Ring-necked Pheasant of Nova Scotia

A Ring-necked pheasant may make an appearance every now and then in the backyards of many Nova Scotians.  Although the province is devoid of the wild turkeys that many New Englanders enjoy, a sighting of this elegant game bird is just as exciting.  This particular bird was out for a stroll with a friend, chewing on branches during a light snowfall that came after a recent Christmas time ice storm in 2013.


  • Female: 22”; Male: 34”

Identifying Characteristics

Ring-necked pheasants are smaller than turkeys and larger than chickens. They have long tail feathers that come to a point.

Male ColorationRing Necked Pheasant Ring-necked pheasant winter bird sightings nova scotia game birds

The males are the ones with the ring-neck. They have a white band around the base of their neck. Their head is an iridescent blue-green. Their eyes are in the middle of a barn red patch on the side of their face. The rest of their body is light brown with hints or yellow and orange. They have white and black chevrons on their dorsal feathers. Underside is darker.

Female and Juvenile Coloration

Female Ring-necked Pheasants have golden-beige feathers with dark brown or black spots on their dorsal side.


  • Up to 15 olive colored eggs
  • Vegetation covered holes


  • Woodland edges, fields, backyards, gardens

Other Notes

  • Not native
  • Introduced
  • Native to Asia
  • Game bird

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