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The first post ever….

My Species List

Welcome to This website is – or is going to be – what it sounds like: my species list.  It is a photographic record of species I have encountered.  Okay,okay…the word “my” isn’t really fair of me because my husband is always with me, and is often the one who spots something first.   (I think he has a special brain region that the rest of us don’t have for spotting and catching reptiles. )

My intention is to post pictures, identify the scientific names of our finds, describe how it can be identified, and provide some research and cool facts.   Eventually, it may serve as a field guide that you can take with you on a tablet on a hike if you happen to visit the same geographical areas that I do.  If you do use to help you identify your own finds, please leave a comment on the part of the website that was most helpful, and tell us about how you encountered the same organism.