Eastern Chipmunk

Eastern Chipmunk

Tamias striatus

Squirrel Family

The Eastern Chipmunk can be identified by the white stipes on either side on top of a black stripe.  The rest of the fur is reddish-brown on top and lighter on the underside.

The Eastern Chipmunk breeds in May and has 3-5 young.  They are often seen foraging on the forest floor and they hibernate during the winter months.  They make their home in an underground burrow with a 2″ wide entrance.  Chipmunk

Habitat: This Eastern Chipmunck was enjoying some fallen bird seed under a bird feeder at a home in a Vermont forest in May.  (Dominant tree species: red spruce, balsam fir, Canada Hemlock, White Pine, Maple (red, striped), birch (grey, paper, yellow) and beech.)


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