Crocus: The Harbinger of Spring

Crocus: The Harbinger of Spring

Iris family

When we can’t tell if winter is staying for another month or giving way to a few days of springtime temperatures, one of the first exciting emergences in the garden is the little crocus.  With its grass-like leaves and beautiful flower, the crocus reminds us that our garden is waking up from winter.   Crocuses are popular perennials that are grown from corms (short underground storage centers).crocuscrocus

Groupings or drifts of crocuses offer brilliant color at a time when the grass hasn’t had time to turn green.  They bloom so early in spring that sometimes they flower through snow.  They can be planted in lawns and overtime will multiply to large areas.  There are different varieties that bloom at different times to extend the bloom season.  They are ideal as border plants and can also be naturalized in lawns and woodlands that get enough dappled sunlight.  There are also varieties that bloom in the winter and fall.

Available Colors: Violet, blue, yellow, white, bicolor/striped

Height: 3 – 6”

Where to Plant: Full sun to part shade, well-drained soil

Maintenance:  Make sure your fall cleanup doesn’t leave leaves covering your crocuses

Blooms: Late winter to early spring

Leaves: Grass-like with central white stripe only open fully on sunny days

Flowers: Cup-shaped pointed upwards; only open on sunny days


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