For all of you Hemerocallis fans out there, here are seven daylilies that will be sure to impress your guests at your 4th of July or Canada Day (July 1st) party.  All of these pictures were taken on June 29th at the Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  The best part about these daylilies is that you will enjoy them year after year with very little maintenance.  They will readily multiply on their own each year, making them the perfect parting favor for your summer party guests .

1. Stella De Oro

daylily stella de oro

2. Siloam Tommy Tucker

daylily Siloam Tommy Tucker

3. Prom Flower

daylily prom flower

4. Sabie

daylily sabie

5. Moonlit Masquerade


daylily moonlit masquerade

6. Bridal Suite

daylily Bridal Suite

7. Always Afternoon

daylily always afternoon

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