White Oak

White Oak
Quercus alba

Beech Family (Fagaceae)

White oak are plentiful in conservation areas South of Boston, such as the Black Pond Nature reserve in Norwell, Massachusetts.  You’ll find a contest between White Oak acorns and White Pine pine cones on the trail as you kick them aside while you walk the trails.  The white oaks have very curvy lobes on their leaves and are faily wide  from lobe to lobe at the end of the leaf.

Edible Parts

  • very bitter acorns/nuts
  • bitterness is caused by tannins that can be removed by boiling kernels without outer shell with water exchanges as tannins are water soluble
  • roasted kernels (shells removed) can be consumed plain or candied in syrup/sugar
  • muffins/breads can be made from flour
  • nuts, flour, candy, meal

white oak

Black Pond Nature Reserve, Norwell, MA, Oct. 25/08

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