Canada Mayflower

Canada Mayflower (aka. Wild-lily-of-the-valley)
Maianthemum canadense
Family: Lily family

CanadaMayflower copy

I find these easy to identify when the flowers are blooming from May-June.  When the flowers fall off, the berries are left behind making it still fairly easy to still identify.  This one was photographed in late June in Nova Scotia among the Canada Dogwoods (another forest ground cover).   Note the glossy leaves and small white flowers clustered into a spike.  The berries turn red whern ripe.  You’ll find a colony of Canada Mayflowers among Canada Dogwoods and many fern species.

Habbitat: mixed or softwood/conifer forests
Size: 10cm (1), 5″ (2), 2-6″ (3)

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