Pearly Everlasting

Pearly Everlasting

Anaphalis margaritacea

Aster Family

Pearly EverlastingI photographed this flower where a cleared area meets the forest in Nova Scotia, and didn’t have any time to take note of any characteristics that are not in this photograph.   I later was pleased to discover its name as Pearly Everlasting, a fitting name for a wildflower who has flowers that look like pearls and blooms that last from July to September1.  The white “pearls” are really flowers enclosed by white bracts1, standing 1-3’ above the ground2.  The leaves are supposed to be hairy underneath1, but I didn’t have time to investigate this trait, only to quickly photograph and move on with the group I was with.  The leaf is linear and somewhat blue-green., and as you can see from the contrasting green in the background. Pearly Everlasting Flowers

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