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Go Tall with the Autumn Minaret Daylily

The autumn minaret daylily is one to consider in a tight spot that has some vertical real estate. We had such a place in a foundation garden where the casement windows (at our sunroom) stood a perfect 6’ above ground level. We placed one clump purchased at Collamore Field Gardens (Scituate, MA), one of the 300+ American Hemerocallis Society Display Gardens throughout the United States and Canada.

The autumn minaret flower is yellow/gold with the tepals streaked lengthwise in a burnt-orange color (or “colour” for Canadians). Their star-shape blossoms are approximately 4” in diameter, and they gently sway on thin stalks at a towering 66”+ height. You may have to use a step ladder to get cuttings from this one! This cultivar is a classic that was registered back in 1951, and can be commonly found at garden centers.

This plant did not disappoint for us, and several neighbors commented on its impressive height. The flower itself isn’t too showy, but will be one of the few in bloom during late August into September. The single clump we purchased was divided next season, and the plants bloom heavily on very rigid stalks that support themselves. The flowers just peak above our interior window sills, and run the length of the daybed situated against the wall of our sunroom. This flower is highly recommended for any daylily enthusiast, or anyone else that wants a bulletproof plant that can start up a conversation.