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Invasive Beetles of New England

Invasive Beetles of New England

Oriental Beetle

Anomala orientalis Waterh,

 Oriental Beetle Anomala orientalisThis invasive beetle might not be much of a pest as an adult, but the larvae can do a number on your turf grass.  This individual was found in early July on a King George Day Lily in Scituate, MA.

 Lily Leaf Beetle

Lilioceris lilii

The Lily Leaf Beetle is an invasive pest species that is very commonly found on most (if not all) Asiatic Lilies throughout New England.    It is a very distinguishable bright red beetle on an Asiatic Lily with black head, under-body, legs, and long antennae. This LILIOCERIS LILII individual was photographed feeding on the leaves of our Asiatic Lilies in Massachusetts after their blooming period.  In the last few years, we checked on the plants almost daily and killed any adults we could find.  A few vacations early in the season this year meant that we were not as vigilant, and our lilies paid the price.  We did get to see the beautiful orange blossoms, but with a few holes in the petals and damaged leaves.  One of them even fell over while still in bloom.

Now for lilyleafbeetlethe gross part.  If you notice these critters munching on your lilyleafbeetle larva2lilies, and then notice what looks like mud stuck to the leaves elsewhere, it is really the larva stage that has covered their bodies with their own feces.  Your best bet is to kill as many of these invaders by hand as you can find.  Remember that they are invasive and have not had the chance to co-evolve with natural predators.  You are the only predator available.