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Hooked on Hellebores

Hooked on Hellebores



Calling out from among last autumn’s leaves in our shade garden, the Hellebores flowers tell us that spring has arrived. These are among the earliest bloomers, but their colorful sepals remain long after the petals have wilted, giving the appearance of a long lasting bloom. They also retain their evergreen leaves throughout the year, adding interest to your winter garden. The species has avid collectors, known to purchase any cultivar they can find. They are tough to beat given their deer, shade, and drought resistance. Don’t worry about missing the blooms this year as their colorful sepals will fool your guests into thinking they are still flowering.

Bloom Time: December to April
Available Colors: Green, white, burgundy, purple, pink
Zones: 4-9
Where to Plant: Part shade, well-drained soil
Propagation Method: Division in June or September after 2 years

For more information on Hellebores: https://apps.rhs.org.uk/advicesearch/profile.aspx?PID=113