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Goutweed (aka. Bishop’s Weed)

Aegopodium podagraria L.


Family: Carrot Family

Gout Weed Leaves 2

Goutweed invades coreopsis

Do not ever plant Goutweed Invades English IvyGoutweed intentionally.  I’ve read that some people like it as a ground cover…..not a good idea.

We’ve been fighting Goutweed in our garden for the last 6 years since we’ve moved in.  You can’t just pull it up, you have to carefully follow the rhizomes (underground stems) as you remove it, otherwise it will just pop right back up.

It is especially hard to remove around large boulders or other objects that it’s rhizomes can hide under.

You can see that it has grown right through some landscape fabric that we put down to help control weeds.  This fabric was in our garden for 3 years.  The benefit of pulling the landscape fabric out this year was that we pulled out a lot of goutweed with it.

goutweed runner length Goutweed runner through landscape fabric goutweed runners