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Great Blue Heron

This Great Blue Heron was filmed and photographed on an après work canoe paddle at Jacob’s Pond in Norwell, MA. The Great Blue Heron has great size and stature at 4’ tall. I highly recommend this pond for anyone looking to see wildlife by canoe or kayak.

Despite the heron being so large, it easily takes off from the water and doesn’t seem to care that it’s 6’ wide wingspan is pushing though tree branches. They wait motionless on their stick-like legs in the water or slowly stalk their prey before they ambush them. They swallow their prey whole, rather that be fish, frogs, or even rodents. You may find that they show up at your backyard koi pond so beware..

There is no sexual dimorphism, meaning that the males and females look the same. Their backs and wings are a bluish-grey. Their neck is brownish-cream and has a scruffy appearance. Their face is white. They’ve got two black stripes above their eyes, and the middle of their crown is white.

This bird can be found around freshwater or brackish water habitats all over New England and into Atlantic Canada. The Great White Heron in Florida was thought to be a separate species, but it is now accepted that they are the same species with different coloration.

I hope that all of you can also add the Great Blue Heron to your own species list. Please visit myspecieslist.com and click on Blue Heron to add your own sightings to our range maps or tell us about them in our comment section. Check our other pages on species from around New England and Atlantic Canada.