Hummingbird/Sphinx Moth

Hummingbird/Sphinx Moth
Hemaris thysbe

I was specifically looking for insects in my garden in the midafternoon of late July, and thought this was a hummingbird at first. I figured out I was probably wrong when upon closer inspection I saw it feeding on some tall phlox in my garden with mouthparts that resembled that of a butterfly. This was a very confident and hungry insect. It seemed determined to not be bothered by the photo shoot that ensued while it gobbled up as much nectar as it could.

I consulted some of my field guides and was excited to discover that I had my first hummingbird moth sighting – a fitting name.

I’m dying for someone else to leave me a comment to let me know that they’ve had the pleasure of a visit from one in their garden (or elsewhere).   If you come across this page because you were trying to confirm your own sighting, please let me know.


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7 thoughts on “Hummingbird/Sphinx Moth”

  1. I had a sighting today of the clearwing humming bird moth. Wow, had no idea what it was until I looked it up. Moncton NB Canada

  2. I’m thrilled that you had your first sighting today. I have yet to have my second. Was there a particular plant that you saw it feeding on? The one I saw seemed to love the tall phlox in my garden.

  3. Well well, A friend from Wabamun alberta sent me a picture from something in his lilac bush, ..I made a bad joke about it and then started looking into it. My wife said she seen something very similar last night around the phlox in Central Cape Breton – on the shore of the Bras D’or Lakes.

    Looks a lot like the Hummingbird Sphinx Moth

    1. I guess phlox must be the way to attract them to your garden. Did the one your wife saw around the phlox fly away when she went to look at it? The one in the picture seemed very intent on feeding on the nectar and hardly noticed me taking pictures of it.

  4. I also saw one today drinking from my rhododendron and at first thought it a baby hummingbird. I managed to get several lovely photos before it zipped away. Not a very fearful creature. Lovely! I’m in PEI.

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